A significant factor for the success of a business lies in how the website is designed primarily for an e-commerce platform. As an e-commerce business, you aim to impress the customers so that they keep going back to your website for more business. If you are not able to make a good impression the first time, the possibility of them going back for more business is very slim especially now that when the competition is very fierce in e-commerce. Your website is your platform to make that first impression. There are many factors which make your customers loyal and become regular customers. The design of your website, ease of navigation, ease of payment, security and many such factors determine the success of your website. Even if your business is not online, a neatly designed website helps greatly to boost your business as it serves as the ‘online face’ of your business providing customer friendly and useful information for the customers. A well-established online business coach can be your guide to help you get started on your ideas and objectives. A good website design definitely cost you, but the money you invest in designing the website is definitely going to pay up in making your business more successful.  Some of the critical aspects of good website design have to be taken into consideration to make your website look professional, attractive and easy to navigate.

Easier Navigation

It is critical for a website to make navigation easier especially when there are multiple pages in your site. An organised menu or navigation bar should list all the different pages with easy to understand labels. It has to be made simple, yet the customer should be able to make out which page has what.

Simple and Attractive contents

When you go to the homepage of a website, you should be able to interpret what the website is about quickly. Having many pictures and texts do not help if they are not able to convey what the website is identified with. It is better to keep the text simple and concise and a cluttered page does not make the customer come back to the site repeatedly.  Overdoing of images and other elements will also make your page longer to load, causing the customer lose interest quickly.

Connect with your brand

If your business has a brand value and it is associated with a logo, your website should proudly have it in all of its pages so that it makes the customer connect with your brand. It is very important that the image of the logo is precise and accurate in all the places to avoid causing confusion for your customers.

Appealing Design

Your website design should be such that it is appealing to the customers and makes them engaged in your website. Each page should be carefully designed so that they do not feel disinterested in any of the page. It is a fact that most people start reading from the left part of a page so it is better to have important contents to be put in the upper left area of the page.

SEO criteria

It is of no use to have a very well designed website if you do not get the attention of search engines. Certain elements need to be included in the page in order to rank higher in the search engine algorithms. Having the right keywords and HTML text will help you better with SEO and gain more visibility for your website.

Updates to your website

Most of the times, in this digital age, website is the primary source of information, and because of this, it is also vital to keep the information in the website up to date and most importantly, invest the time and energy to keep it continuous and regular.